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Simple Webservers

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Credit goes to this great little GIST that has a ton of examples, I’ve pulled out a few interesting ones: https://gist.github.com/willurd/5720255

This little tech-note is designed to help with moving files through http: channels, by using Simple Webservers. Mostly designed for ‘nix users (including mac) but from time to time I’ll post some Windows related ones. Windows Users, you will need some of the interpreters installed to mac some of this work.

Python - Simple HTTP Server Example (One Liner)

This simple web server supports GET for the most part.

Ruby - RackUp Example.

This webserver, although it requires a little more work, will support almost all methods.


This one requires gem install rackup. Provides HTTP methods.

Ruby - One Line:

This one has built in ruby

PHP - One Liner to serve up static files:

NodeJS - A gem to serve up static files:


NetCat is a very simple raw socket server and will not be very stable from time to time. For example, once the connection is closed, weather the file is transferred or not, the NetCat server will die.


Windows… Boy oh boy. Can someone suggest a Windows HTTP File Server that isn’t trojaned? If so, use forums or the comments below.

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