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I never thought of speaking as a gift, but it really is one. I believe that speaking and providing not just entertainment but empowerment, education, and most importantly a renegade thinking.

This page includes a list of presentations I've given over the years, but I suspect this list will continue to grow.

Winter 2018 - SANS - Others

I've been doing a series of talks in 2018 around some new style of attacks on the web, including Containers, Kubernetes, PolyGlot Exploits, and more. It's been an interesting reception. So far this series of talks was given:

SANS at Night (various conferences)
SANS Pentest Hackfest (2018)
SANS DevOps Summit (2018)
SANS at NIGHT - Post Modern Web Attacks

April 2015 - BSides Orlando 2015 Keynote

BSIDES Orlando 2015 Keynote. In this talk I cover a few topics. Including, which in retrospect was quite controversial but also quite a bit of prediction, IOT would lead us to Regulation.

  • Can we fail, not get fired, and be better for it?
  • Regulation and IOT
  • Case Studies as a way of learning

Yo Dog I got some RegZ!

Youtube: BSides 2015 Keynote

April 2014 - Leaving Gorams Cave

This talk was given throughout the year 2014. I presented it local groups and was the discussion and foundation for the 2015 set of talks. I welcome any comments or review of this presentation. DevSecOps, DevOpsSec, basically DevOps and Security make great friends.

Leaving Gorams Cave

May 2014 - Do we need Agile PenTesting?

Do we need Agile Pentesting? I am not sure. Lets deconstruct the concept. This was presented at the Cisco RTP Cyber Security Summit in April 2014. I wanted to make sure others saw this before I put my thoughts in to the bit bucket of life.

Cisco RTP Agile Pentesting