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Goals for the Year

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My goals for 2017, cataloged for myself, but maybe it will help you as well.

First of all, do you have any goals this year? If you don’t, do yourself a favor that has helped me and will help you. Take a minute, create five simple to read goals and print them out. Keep them next to your bed on the wall. Make it the first thing you see in the morning and last thing you see. I promise this will help.

Here are three goals I have for the year.

  1. Communication I think this one is important; I need to communicate consistently in my life. I have to create presentations as well as create content for this blog, for work, and in so many parts of my life. My goal this year I’m going to try and attempt the following:
  • Blog: Several times a week, ambiguity is terrible in a goal. Let’s shoot for three times.
  • Speaking Events: I plan on attempting to speak once a quarter if not more, that would be more than four public presentations a year.
  • Class work: I expect to keep my course writing up this year. It won’t be easy or simple, nothing in life is.
  1. Keep Connected to people Social Media, I think, has made keeping in contact with people less in-person. The networks are so worried about getting you into the network; they forget the social aspects of it. I plan on reconnecting with friends more often this year. I plan on it, and I’ll know how I will do that.

  2. Help others What does this mean: “help others”? Does this mean I go around and change tires for people on the road? I could but, what I mean is taking the knowledge I am obtaining daily and collecting it in a way that is consumable to the reader. In this, I will hope to help everyone that reads.

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