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the move back to a static site

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I did a few things over the last few months. If your a reader of this, and believe or not, there are, I made some wholesale changes. The first thing I did was to move away from a dynamic backend (more or less). Why would I ever consider using something as ‘horrible’ as wordpress. Actually, wordpress is not as terrible as many will make it appear. Is it written in PHP? Yes! So is Facebook and a number of other sites. Does it have a horrible way to extend it through ‘plugins’? Yes! Keep those plugins minimal and up to date! Has it been riddled with horrible security bugs in the past? Yes! However if you replace ‘Wordpress’ with any number of things like Windows, Internet Explorer, Adobe, Sun Java, etc, etc, etc you could probably say more or less the same thing.

Why then would I move over to a static site? Well for a few reasons. Performance is probably the biggest one. The ability to quickly backup my site and all of its posts in gist is another. Finally the biggest one, I am currently the sole author of the site. I don’t need to share my logins with others, I don’t need to worry about working with others as often. Quite frankly, its very easy to work in a text editor, commit my post and upload my site.

What is not easy or trivial about this? Integrating third parties could be difficult. Working on SEO is not simple. Media is not straightforward. Loosing the ability to work with forms is also a big deal.

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