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Fitting that it's football.

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Nothing says America more, than the NFL and Football. Fitting that the 15th anniversary of the day happen on 9/11. Fifteen years ago, 9/11, I remember waking up in a haze. We can talk about those dark days, but I matured from those days. My life profoundly changed post 9/11 for sure, but I was probably not heading in a good direction. I woke up that morning, and I remember turning on the TV and getting almost ready to head into work. My head was pounding. What time was it? Why was their news, in those days, we didn’t have 24x7 news.

I saw a plane crash into a building.My life changed that day, although I didn’t know it then. I thought to myself, sitting in my bedroom that I was temporarily in mind you, I could clearly think, there is no way I just heard or even saw that. I sat up. My bed in those days where these oversized couches because I was moving into an apartment about a month later. I quickly took a shower, and without thinking about it I drove into work. It was the county hospital. The county hospitals these days, they were as open as parks.

My life changed that day. I drove in past an airport, had I actually thought about it, probably not a wise idea, but the highway in Miami was next to the main airport near where I grew up. It wasn’t even a thought. I drove in, and got into work. I was ensuring all the networking in the system was fine and running as over the weekend we had done some upgrades. I was responsible, for I guess at the time the 5th largest network in the country, although if you asked me. I had no idea was I was doing.

My life changed profoundly that day. I had a coworker who was doing his MBA on the weekends in Columbia University, so he had flown to New York every weekend. Most of my friends, who were maybe in their 20’s when they ended up quitting their day jobs, and joining the military. I stayed friends with some, not with others. It turns out when you decide to make that jump, sometimes, your shared life experiences change.

Our shared lives changed that day, it was test to what it means to have a Democracy and what it means to have liberty. I remember a time before 9/11. My stepdaughter does not, she was 1 that day. Her may have changed, but she didn’t feel it, she lives a post 9/11 world, but she doesn’t understand what that means.

I once had friend look at me while we were working and he said: cherish this time, when we are all here working together and everything is hitting on all cylinders. He taught me that.

I love the life I have built with my family and friends, but when 9/11 comes around, it serves as a reminder. I stop and think. Look around from the busy life. Cherish the moments you have with your friends and family when things are running 100 miles an hour. We live in remarkable times, this could always change. So, enjoy the day and remember those gave their lives on 9/11 in a building, saving others.

Stop and cherish the good times.


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