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Twenty Sixteen the first post.

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Ah… Twenty Sixteen, It’s funny because my ex-wife taught me, or would thoroughly critique my writing when we were married. She used to tell me, and in a not so very nice way at times, that anything smaller than numerical twenty should be correctly written out (or maybe it was numerical ten), and anything past that can be used as numbers. My title above breaks all the norms. Welcome to 2016 (Twenty Sixteen), Sixteen years past when planes would have fallen from out of the sky due to Y2K bugs.

Introspection and this time of year are a marvelously beautiful thing. My wife tells me that she loves New Years resolutions because it allows you to measure and set a gauge about what you did and where you were going. That is a marvelous thing, so here a few items on the site that I think I”m going to be putting in with housekeeping notes and my resolve.

Failures and Re-affirmations

Last year I wanted to update the site with a weekly newsletter. See post 1 and post 2. That seemed not to go so well with my curation efforts were just too broad and challenging with my schedule at the end of the year. This year I want to continue attempting to do this, but I will be doing so with some sandbox. Three important stories and one editorial comment per week. I am going to try to commit to this, and as such because I’m a one man shop, I may look to ask for a few guest bloggers or guest posters for this. I also feel like this site design needs a lot of work and this year we will launch a new better site design.

Forum and Community

Not even sure if I should keep the forum and community going because no one uses it. I wanted it to be a place where I can post technical articles and then talk to people and give feedback. That hasn’t been working because no one either has registered or has had the interest to register. I am working on figuring out how to make that better, and this year it would be an exciting growth year for the community part.

Technical Content and Videos

People seem to love technical content, and also video’s. This year I will dive into actually trying to film a few. I am not 100% sure what the content will be, but perhaps I’ll be doing surveys along with it to help this along. I could potentially just do a bunch of how-to’s although I’m not so sure that the content will be well received, so I’m cautious about how to do this.

Finally, there is YOU! I want to make the site relevant and share my experiences with everyone. I hope that when you come here, it’s worth the time and effort in the sea of noise. Please post your opinions below to make the site wonderful.


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